Ruamjai - Suomalainen

Ruamjai: Super Flumina Babylonis


Ruamjai turns 20 this year and to honor that we released new material! On April 18th at 4 pm Ruamjai's 20th anniversary concert was to begin, but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the concert will take place next year. Despite this, we wanted to celebrate this exact time with a music video, with everyone involved in making it in isolation. This video is Ruamjai's way of wishing everyone a happy spring, let's all stay safe and hug when it is safe to do so!

Musical composition: Eero Koivistoinen

Lyrics: Jorma Etto

Recorded in Uurainen Church in 2018

Recording done by Matti Heinonen / Pro Audile Oy

Record producer: Mikko Suhonen

Video production and editing: Petro Pitkänen

Super Flumina Babylonis

One choir, all of its people, captured in a fleeting moment in the stream of time. A lasting memory of today with all its feelings and emotions, and of the friendship that we share.


Music: Super flumina Babylonis, Philippe De Monte (1521–1603)

Artist: Ruamjai, conducted by Kirsi Kaunismäki-Suhonen

Produced by Mikko Suhonen Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matti Heinonen

Filmed in Jyväskylä, Finland Video credits to Henri Karjalainen Other credits to Radio Classic and Simo Karjalainen

Album: Vuo EP


Many thanks for the photographs on this website go to Tuomas Mikkonen, Iida Liimatainen and Leo Brinkmann.