Ruamjai - Hengitetään


The theme for Ruamjai in 2021 is "Hengitetään", translating to "Let's breath". Thereby we're releasing a new music video, also introducing our new artistic director: Jaime Belmonte.

The coronavirus pandemic has struck the cultural field hard, as well as Ruamjai. However, with this video we want to bring hope that we'll soon be breathing the same common air with our audience.

Composition and conducting - Jaime Belmonte
Recording, mixing and mastering - Esa Puolakka
Video production, animation - Lauri Lohi
Video production, filming, editing - Henri Karjalainen

In cooperation with University of Jyväskylä

Ruamjai - Suomalainen

Ruamjai: Super Flumina Babylonis


Ruamjai turns 20 in 2020 and to honor that we released new material! On April 18th at 4 pm Ruamjai's 20th anniversary concert was to begin, but due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the concert will take place next year. Despite this, we wanted to celebrate this exact time with a music video, with everyone involved in making it in isolation. This video is Ruamjai's way of wishing everyone a happy spring, let's all stay safe and hug when it is safe to do so!

Musical composition: Eero Koivistoinen

Lyrics: Jorma Etto

Recorded in Uurainen Church in 2018

Recording done by Matti Heinonen / Pro Audile Oy

Record producer: Mikko Suhonen

Video production and editing: Petro Pitkänen

Super Flumina Babylonis

One choir, all of its people, captured in a fleeting moment in the stream of time. A lasting memory of today with all its feelings and emotions, and of the friendship that we share.


Music: Super flumina Babylonis, Philippe De Monte (1521–1603)

Artist: Ruamjai, conducted by Kirsi Kaunismäki-Suhonen

Produced by Mikko Suhonen Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matti Heinonen

Filmed in Jyväskylä, Finland Video credits to Henri Karjalainen Other credits to Radio Classic and Simo Karjalainen

Album: Vuo EP


Many thanks for the photographs on this website go to Tuomas Mikkonen, Iida Liimatainen and Leo Brinkmann.