Ruamjai has published three recordings so far. Shared Heart - Yhteinen sydän (2007) is a diverse compilation made up of Finnish wistfulness, medieval songs and world music from Thailand, Bulgaria and South Africa amongst other places. Many of the album's songs are composed and arranged by Sanna Salminen.

Talven taika (The Magic of Winter, 2014) is an atmospheric collection of songs about the winter of the North. Most of the pieces are the work of Finnish composers, some of them in fact composed by Olli Moilanen and Santeri Kaipiainen, two of Ruamjai’s singers. The recording includes a speciality unique to our choir: a soundscape called Kuuhankavesi inspired by the view at the recording studio and wholly created through improvising with the human voice.

The latest recording, Kulo EP, is a selection of the songs that brought Ruamjai their Grand Prix from In... Canto Sul Garda choir competition in Italy. A fresh and unique compilation, it captures the diversity of Ruamjai's sound and repertoire, ranging from classics to new choir music. A small amount of physical CDs were printed according to preorder, but the recording is also available for listening on Spotify.

The CDs are available at the door during our gigs and concerts, or you can order yours by emailing us at