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We look forward to album orders, requests to perform, questions or just greetings. You can send these using the form right next to this. You are also more than welcome to contact us by phone at the numbers below!


Jaime Belmonte
tel. +358 45 78740968

Chairman of the Board

Petro Pitkänen
tel. +358 44 0654370

- the choir

Press and Communications

  Peppi Lautala
tel. +358 45 1367207

- press, sponsorships

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Musiikkiyhdistys Ruamjai ry c/o Petro Pitkänen
Mattilankatu 23 as 1
40600 Jyväskylä


Primarily via email:

or to the address:

Musiikkiyhdistys Ruamjai ry c/o Sakari Siira
Pergamenttitori 3 A 99
40100 Jyväskylä

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